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CASS 31st ‘Art of Sydney’ Awards – Online – 15th Jan to 28th Feb 2021

Combined Art Societies of Sydney Inc
The 31st ‘Art of Sydney’ Awards – Online
15th Jan – 28th Feb 2021

This year CASS is inviting artists from Member Societies to participate in the 31st ‘Art of Sydney’ Awards that will be held online at www.artofsydneyexhibition.com (Please note: this link is closed until the exhibition goes live and opens). It will show from 15th January to 28th February 2021 on this website.

Entry Information:

With the decision made to hold the 2021 Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition online, the Entry Application and Terms and Conditions for the event are now available for members here: wwww.artofsydneyexhibition.com/members

It is most important that you take time to read the new set of Terms and Conditions, as you can imagine there have been many changes made regarding how this online exhibition will work and you need to make yourself familiar with all of those changes.

The Entry Application Form is to be filled in and submitted online. Once you have entered your works and paid, you will be notified about uploading images of your work.

All Entry Application Forms must be received by the closing date – 1st December 2020.

You can also download the Terms & Conditions of Entry & Sale of Paintings PDF by clicking here on this link.

Images of paintings may be uploaded to the website from 1st November 2020 until 6pm on the 10th December 2020.

The Judge for this exhibition will be renowned artist John Haycraft.

The digital images of your paintings that you send to the CASS must be good quality and the size the CASS is seeking, ie: in MB and pixels. If you are a little hesitant when it comes to taking really good photos, particularly of your paintings, there are numerous websites which provide assistance to help you to obtain good images of your artwork, such as the Museums &  Galleries of NSW. 

The public will view our paintings on their computer and will expect that what they see there is what they will be getting if they choose to make a purchase. Editing photos that we have taken of our paintings can often change the look of our actual picture quite dramatically. There can often be issues because the painting is not what it looked like on the internet – the colours are lighter, or darker, or the colours, not quite the same as they were in the painting the buyer saw in the online exhibition. If you edit your paintings in any way make sure the onscreen image still looks like the same painting.

There has been an amazing amount of work done – and is still being done – by several of the CASS Committee members in an attempt to not have to cancel the 31st Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition and it is hoped that all CASS members will take advantage of this different way to show, and hopefully sell our artwork.

For inquiries, please email combinedsocieties@yahoo.com.au.

Look forward to seeing a wonderful collection of artworks.

CASS Art Online – Super Online Art Sale

Combined Art Societies of  Sydney Inc.

CASS Art Online

Super Online Art Sale is Open

The sale will run from 9am 26th June until 5pm 26th July.

All original artworks on the site have been donated to CASS from the Artists and are available for sale at a fixed price of just $100 each plus postage. Works will be framed, unframed on paper or loose canvas and unframed on stretched canvas ready to hang.

To view all the work for sale, visit www.cassartonline.com

CASS Art in Action 17th, 18th & 19th May

Art in Action 17th, 18th and 19th May

Art In Action is on again!

It is a wonderful long weekend that provides a unique opportunity for local artists to learn new techniques and styles with the very best tutors from across Australia and New Zealand.

Art In Action allows the local art community to come together and celebrate their artistic interests.

art in action

Tutors are proficient in a wide range of mediums, techniques and styles including: Oils or water-based oils, indigo dyeing , no-press prints, mixed media, acrylic, pastel and watercolour. Students do not have to do 3 days of workshops. Book for one day, for two or for three days – the choice is yours.

Here is a link to the full information booklet PDF

If you are not wanting accommodation you can still book into the workshops.

The Art in Action weekend is organised and run by CASS (Combined Art Societies of Sydney Inc.) a non-profit group run totally by volunteer lovers of art.

Date: 17th, 18th and 19th May (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Merroo Conference Centre, 182 Mill Road, Kurrajong, NSW (Wheel chair accessible)
For more info: contact Diana Garth on (02) 8230 1587, Fax (02) 9570 9801
Email: combinedsocieties@yahoo.com.au

Website: www.combinedartsocieties.com/art-in-action

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