Musson Lane Gallery Change Over Fri 26th Nov – Christmas Sale!

Musson Lane Gallery Exhibited Works Change Over
Friday 26th Nov 2021

Musson Lane gallery photos

Dear MTAS members

This post is to notify you that Friday 26th November from 9am-12noon is the change over for new artworks to be hung at the Musson Lane Gallery for our Christmas Sale that will start from Saturday 27th through til 18th December.

The guidelines are as follows:

A maximum of 5 artworks can be hung at a cost of $2 per piece.   We will use our discretion on larger works & will probably charge slightly more if we do so.  This will be decided at the time they are brought in as our space is limited.

There is no time limit on when a piece was created nor if it has hung with MTAS before. 

Greeting cards are not charged for if supplied by a member who is exhibiting. 

Craft pieces are charged at $5 for items taking up to half a table or 1 square metre.

If you wish to leave works on display from the current exhibition the appropriate fees need to be paid for the new exhibition.

We will provide labels for all artworks for uniformity.  Please ensure that your craftwork & cards are clearly labelled & correspond with your entry list.

The usual MTAS commission rate of 25% applies to all artworks, craft items or cards on sale.

Please Note: For our Christmas Sale there will be a 10% off all works – The 10% discount is applied to the Marked price on the artwork, craft item or card. Then the 25% commission is taken off the selling price. 10% Sale is running from 27th November to 18th December 2021. When we reopen in 2022 all exhibits will revert to being sold at their Marked Price as usual.

The expectation that all exhibitors will fulfill 1 or 2 duties during this exhibition still stands.  Please ensure that you note your availability on the roster at the time of changeover.  Even if you are not exhibiting, all members are very welcome to assist with Gallery duty.

Should your circumstances alter & you are unable to meet your roster obligations contact Maryanne Jones on 0428 441 437, ensuring adequate notice is given to arrange someone to cover your absence.

We all look forward to a successful Christmas Sale & exhibition. This is a time for creativity and a time to celebrate the chance to share all the amazing art we create.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

– MTAS Committee

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